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ZRP Chaplaincy

The police are entrusted with preserving peace and order and protecting the public, but who looks after them? Our ZimWorx pastoral care team works with the Zimbabwe Republic Police Chaplaincy department by providing spiritual support to police officers, as well as a fund that cares for orphans and widows of departed officers, with the goal [...]
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Improving the nutritional status of orphans and vulnerable children in Domboshava

The sinking of a water well at Triple S Centre of Hope ensured access to clean water for the children at the centre. But children do not survive on water alone, they need food. Though we have been blessing the centre with basic food items from the grocery stores we felt the importance of establishing […]

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Affiliate yourself to the Excellence Club

Excellence is both a choice and commitment. It is a choice to being the best version of yourself and a commitment to applying yourself to the best of your ability. Excellence is sustained by the application of the principle of kaizen- a Japanese philosophy of changing for the better or constant improvement. To stay true […]

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Let Them Trust

Global BP Solutions / ZimWorX continues to positively impact the community. The organization recently partnered with Ms Chido Gutu who is, the Lead Recruiter at Global BP Solutions and founder of Let Them Trust at an event held in Gutsa Village in Domboshava.  During this event, two programs were running simultaneously. 33 Adolescent girls received reusable sanitary […]

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Ministry within the police force.

At the end of the last quarter, we embarked on a process of extending our sphere of impact to the policing fraternity. Today, 5 May 2021, saw us cementing our relationship with the Zimbabwe Republic Police by donating some musical, information and technology equipment and groceries to the Police Headquarters National Chaplaincy Department. Part of […]

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A win for One is a win for many

The win-win-win mantra undergirds our Growing Together Culture. At the beginning of the year, Pastoral Care launched an incentive-based strategy with the objective of increasing participation in our programs and activities. Our pastoral care programs are tailor-made to contribute to the spiritual and other developmental aspects of the human person. Active participation by employees will […]

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Our Growing Together Culture is animated by the win-win-win philosophy. We are all motivated by winning – that is a social fact. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive competition to outdo the other. At ZimWorX, our approach to winning is not undergirded by the quest to out-do each other but rather by the desire to […]

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Why we do what we do

 “What are you discussing with each other while you walk along?” This is how Jesus entered into a conversation with the two disciples on the way to Emmaus (Lk24:13-35). They were coming from a situation of deep hurt and betrayal. Their responsorial psalm to Jesus’ conversation starter was nothing but a lucid expression of shattered […]

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