Joining hands in alleviating period poverty in Harare

The month of April saw ZimWorX partnering with Daisies Daisies Foundation (DF) in an effort
to alleviate period poverty in Harare. DF is a non-profit organization which seeks to help
women and children lead a life of freedom and dignity. In the past, DF has addressed period
poverty issues through distributing re-usable pads to women and girls, mostly those who due
to financial constraints cannot afford the disposable pads. These usually resort to unhygienic
alternatives like corn cobs, leaves or cow dung. The re-usable pads are imported from South
Africa due to unavailability on the local market.

ZimWorX’s coming onboard will see Daisies Foundation going a notch higher in their
intervention strategies. Instead of sourcing the re-usable pads from South Africa, DF will
become a local “re-usable pads production center”. Not only will the foundation be able to
produce enough for their distribution, they will also make these pads easily accessible to
other organizations involved in this kind of intervention. This becomes an income stream for
the foundation.

As a company we have made a fundamental option for the orphans and vulnerable children in
our society, hence the agreement with DF to have a couple of teenage orphans from one of
the orphanages under our patronage as part of the production system. This will see these
teenage girls acquiring sewing training which will prepare and equip them for life outside the

We are super delighted to part of this story of change in Zimbabwe. Last week we disbursed
some funds for phase 1 in the implementation of the project. Part of the first disbursement
went towards the procurement of 2 heavy duty machines.

This project like many others is a demonstration of our 51% commitment to Ministry work. We
remain profoundly indebted to all our clients who generously support our mission. Together
we are changing lives and making an impact for the kingdom.