Visits to project sites

Our day started off with a trip to Triple S Centre of Hope in Domboshava. We have been to this centre
several times but there was something special to today’s visit; special in the sense that we had special
people in our entourage. We had Mike Johnson and Will Cooper; both pastors active in the ministry of
transforming lives and changing the world. Will Cooper represents Samaritan Ministries, a ministry that
delivers authentic, compassionate, and personal service in the name of Christ to enable and inspire
members to provide for one another’s medical needs through prayer, encouragement, and financial
support. Both Mike and Will had a glimpse of the amazing ministry we are spearheading at the centre.

Besides seeing the water supply system and the nutrition garden, the highlights of the visit was the
walk-ins into the classrooms, meeting the children and their teachers and being students in the English
lesson. Today’s lesson was on sentence construction. The learning cards that Brenda McNulty brought
came in handy.

As Zimworx we are super proud of our ministry dimension. We believe that God has blessed us, is
blessing us and will bless us so that we be a blessing to others, especially the less privileged members in
our societies.

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